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We manufacture our heat exchangers by the Roll-Bond process: Two pretreated aluminum sheets are homogeneously bonded together by rolling and then expanded under high pressure.

The routing of the gas flow passages is determined with the aid of a paste applied by screen printing. Our "tool" is a silk screen.

It allows the fabrication of an infinite variety of passages: wide or narrow, closely or widely spaced, in all directions.

Volume and flow rates are variable over a wide range - fully in line with our customers requirements requirements.

The passages are neither soldered, welded nor glued, but integrated into the heat exchanger.

Optimum heat transfer is achieved. The pressure of up to 150 bar that is used to expand the passages increases the strength of the passage walls.

Evidal heat exchangers have high stiffness,

even at wall thicknesses as low as 0.5 mm.

The internal cleanliness is distinctly superior to the specifications of DIN 8964.

During manufacture, the passages do not come into contact with any fluid.

As a result, Evidal systems have optimum dryness, which is indispensable in refrigeration technology.

Evidal heat exchangers may be cut, punched, painted and formed. This will be done in our works on request.